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Hairless Сats

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We represent a collection of unique cat breeds: the legendary and mysterious SPHYNX, the mischievous and playful BAMBINO, the fancy and curious ELF, and a little smoothy - the DWELF.

Total absence of hair is the main feature of these breeds. These unique creatures possess velvety skin resembling a delicate peach by feel. The most popular and widespread breed is the Sphynx. While the Bambino is the Sphynx “in miniature” is a proud owner of short legs nick-named a “basset-cat”. The wonderful Elf is one of the recent and exclusive breeds that capture the attention its big curled back ears just like a true fairy-tale character. Finally, our pride is the Dwelf which took short legs from the Bambino and curled back ears from the Elf. This is a very recent and quite rare breed - there are only several dozens of such cats in the world.

The health of our pets is above anything else! We sell kittens at such an age when they are already well-trained and ready to move into a new house. The price for a Sphynx kitten starts from 700 dollars (25 000 rubles), for a Bambino kitten – from 1 300 dollars (45 000 rubles), for an Elf kitten – from 1 300 dollars (45 000 rubles) and for a Dwelf it starts from 3 450 dollars (120 000 rubles) depending on the purpose of purchasing and characteristics of a kitten.

The hairless breeds are created in order to surprise even the most sophisticated owner by their extraordinary appearance and to be considerate and tender friends for all family members.

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