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Dwelf - Dwelf kittens

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Name Maybach
Sex Male
Breed Dwelf
Breed type Hairless Сats
Brightness Harlequin
Eye colors Odd eyed (different eye colors)
Father Murmulet Adonis
Mother Lluvatar Jenny
Date of litter 16.08.2017
READY MOOVING 19-11-2017
Price CALL
Price: CALL
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Dwelf is the most unusual and exclusive breed among the hairless cats. These unique creatures have the majesty of the Sphynx, famous Elf’s ears, Bambino’s short legs and a size of a mini-cat. Wonder what came out of this? Check yourself!

Small and nimble Dwelfs will surely become good and faithful friends for all your family members. Before buying a Dwelf kitten you should take into account that though modest Dwelf requires some special care – for example, it should be bathed once per 10 days. Are you ready to take care of your little pet? Then go ahead – we suggest ordering a Dwelf kitten.

The price depends on individual characteristics of a kitten. We guarantee that your future pet has a perfect pedigree as long as breeder-cats are selected in the best catteries of the United States and Canada. The price for a kitten of Dwelf breed starts from 3 450 dollars (120 000 rubles). We recommend you to avoid doubtful and unknown breeders, because, after all, the most important thing is the health of your future baby-kitten.

You can order a kitten right on our web-site. You can also visit our exclusive boutique in Moscow at any time in order to communicate with any kitten you like, choose and buy truly YOUR pet! We are always happy to welcome our guests and ready to bring joy to your house!

Phone: +7 (499) 322-02-92
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