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Exotic cats

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Meet the most incomparable and delightful of cat family: the slender and delicate SERVAL cat, the elegant and graceful SAVANNAH cat, and the noble and aristocratic CARACAL cat.

The size of exotic cats is not bigger than that of a medium dog. The distinctive features of the matchless Caracal are its gorgeous upright ears with upright tufts resembling that of a lynx as well as its stunning coat color that varies from light-tawny to intense milk chocolate. The matchless Serval strikes with its slender legs, long tail decorated with cross rings as well as with its ears resembling butterfly wings with white stripes at the back side. The brilliant Savannah is a crossbreed between the Serval and domestic cat, an owner of wonderful contour lined eyes and graceful gait – a true queen of cats.

We sell only domesticated kittens whose parents are tame in 15th generation - they love people and live in harmony with them. The price for a Serval kitten starts from 9 200 dollars (320 000 rubles), for a Caracal kitten – from 11 500 dollars (400 000 rubles) and for a F1 Savannah kitten it starts from 13 000 dollars (450 000 rubles) depending on the purpose of purchasing and characteristics of a kitten.

Not that long ago they were the kings of African prairies, but today these cats are ready to win the hearts of true devotees of genuine beauty, elegance and splendor. Accustomed to love and appreciate people these cats will become a true living treasure of your house.

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