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Name Zake
Sex Male
Breed Elf
Breed type Hairless Сats
Color White blue eyes
Eye colors Point (blue eyes)
Father Murmulet Adonis
Mother lluvatar Melinda
Date of litter 13.03.2017
READY MOOVING 16-06-2017

Meet the cats of Elf breed – the rarest and one of the most recent breeds in the world. Young Elfs are patient, smart and gentle pets that are not less affectionate and careful than other cats of hairless breeds.

Before buying a kitten of Elf breed try to discover its temperament, understand peculiar properties that, we can tell you, are numerous. Pay attention to pet’s skin - healthy kittens have soft and velvety skin. Elfs are restless, curious and frisky, furthermore, they are incredibly gentle and attached to their owners. Does it suit you? In such a case, we suggest choosing and ordering a kitten of Elf breed.

Remember that it is always better to buy a kitten from a renowned breeder so that your future pet would have a perfect health. All the kittens in Murmulet cattery are kept in truly royal conditions that guarantee their good mood and health.

The price for a kitten of Elf breed in our cattery starts from 1 300 dollars (45 000 rubles) depending on breeder-cats and exterior. You can order and buy a kitten right on our web-site. You can also visit our exclusive boutique in Moscow at any time in order to communicate with any kitten you like, choose and buy truly YOUR pet!

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