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Settle Exotic shorthair breed at your house and you will open a sincere and friendly companion in it. The Exotic shorthair breed has become a silver medalist in the list of the most popular breeds in the world. Kittens of this breed have left no one indifferent because they are like a teddy bear. In our cattery you can buy exotic kitten with soft coat and sweet face.

Before choosing and ordering a kitten of an Exotic shorthair breed, pay attention to its coat – it should be rarely soft. Stroke a kitten and feel all softness of its coat, healthy pet should have an ideal one. You can buy an Exotic shorthair only at an experienced breeder.

The price depends on individual characteristics of a kitten and its parents. The Murmulet Cattery cooperates with the best breeders in the world, choosing high-quality breeders over the world. Each kitten in our cattery has a pet passport with parents and their awards specified in it.

You can order and buy a kitten right on our web-site. You can also visit our exclusive boutique in Moscow at any time in order to communicate with any kitten you like, choose and buy truly YOUR pet! The price for an Exotic shorthair Cat starts from 15 000 rubles.

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