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About breed

Teddy Bear

Do you dream of a sincere and friendly companion? Exotic shorthair breed will suit you well! These sweet and charming pets have left no one indifferent.

Historical background About Exotic - Murmulet

History of Exotic shorthair breed appearance started more than 50 years ago in America, when American shorthair breed was interbred with Persian breed for color improvement. The result was quite interesting – heavy kittens with plump legs, teddy hair and sweet muzzle. Experiments were continued and the breed was officially registered in 1966. Due to CFA Statistics this breed was on the Fourth Place in the list of the most popular breeds in the world, and became silver medalists of this rating in 2012.

Physical features

Exotic shorthair is a teddy bear with absolutely round head and strong body. One of its features is thick and silky hair. Because of hair these pets are called “teddy”. Wonderful soft hair gives them unique charm. It is normal for Exotic shorthair to have a wide spectrum of color: from snowy-silver to rich black color. Their color range is filled up with different 3 colored-drawings. Huge eyes, plump cheeks and turned-up nose create affecting and sweet muzzle expression, this breed gets more and more fans every year.


The main traits of Exotic shorthair breed are kindness and cheerfulness, calmness and softness. Exotic cats are created only for love. Charming, well-bred cats will not be shy for expressing emptions to sympathy person. They are playful and amuse a little with pleasure especially if they have an audience. They adore children and always jell with other pets. Their quiet character makes them good companions. They are attached to master sincerely and forever, they are famous for their devotion and agreeable temper. Exotic shorthair will follow you wherever – it would travel, move to another house just to stay with you. Who would resist such a love?

Health and care

Exotic shorthair concerns to one of the most unpretentious breeds. Their hair does not need any special care. It is enough to comb its coat weekly with special brush, bath when it’s dirty and wash this charming muzzle regularly. The best pleasure for Exotic shorthair would be light massage; it will thank you with purring. The average lifespan is 10-15 years, and it could be 18-20 years if you care it well.

Sweet and well-bred Exotic shorthair is considered as an ideal pet. Easy care, soft character, sincere attachment make it excellent companion for all members of the family.

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