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American curl - Котята

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Name Pluto
Sex Male
Breed Curl
Breed type Dwarf Сats
Color Chocolate
Brightness Tabby
Eye colors Mink (aqua eyes)
Father Donatello
Mother Eva
Date of litter 17.08.2017
READY MOOVING 20-11-2017
Price 400
Price: 400
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At our cattery you can buy a kitten of the American Curl breed – the owner of fantastical “curly” ears. There’s a very little amount of Curl’s catteries in Russia. They are very popular all over the world, but not so many kittens are born annually, that is why curl kittens are exclusive. Slightly surprised aspect makes them so sweet and luxurious soft coat amazes with its softness and shine.

Before ordering a kitten of American Curl breed communicate with it, watch its reaction and behavior. Healthy kittens are agile, quick and playful. The price depends on individual characteristics of a kitten. For example, each fosterling in our cattery has a pet passport with parents and their awards specified in it.

You can choose and order American Curl right on our web-site. If you need extra photos of kittens, we can make photos of a fosterling you liked. We keep our kittens in really royal conditions which guarantees them good mood, health and happy childhood.

The price for a kitten of American Curl breed starts from 20 000 rubles. You can always come to our exclusive boutique in Moscow and communicate with a kitten you like, and then order and buy the best of them.

Phone: +7 (499) 322-02-92
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