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Munchkin - Munchkin kittens

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Name Ideal
Sex Male
Breed Munchkin
Breed type Dwarf Сats
Color Chocolate
Eye colors Yellow
Father Gold Monidgi
Mother Tinylegs Chocolatecr
Date of litter 01.04.2017
READY MOOVING 05-07-2017
Name Regina
Sex Female
Breed Munchkin
Breed type Dwarf Сats
Color Black
Brightness Tabby
Eye colors Yellow
Father Monidgi Scooby-Doo
Mother Estina Ex Infernulo*
Date of litter 02.09.2017
READY MOOVING 06-12-2017
Name Oreana
Sex Female
Breed Munchkin
Legs Long-legged
Breed type Dwarf Сats
Color Blue & white
Eye colors Point (blue eyes)
Father Monidgi Scooby-Doo
Mother Monidgi Silver
Date of litter 23.04.2017
READY MOOVING 27-07-2017

In our cattery you can buy a kitten of Munchkin breed – a true star of feline world! This cat was nicknamed a “kangaroo” for its favorite habit to sit on hind legs with front paws folded. Big almond eyes make Munchkin’s muzzle look childishly innocent and sweet. How can anyone deny oneself a pleasure of settling such a nice little kangaroo at home?

Before ordering a kitten of Munchkin breed you should note that there are several types of kittens – short-haired and long-haired variety, as well as short-legged and long-legged variety. Having found a kitten you like you should communicate with it, watch its reaction and behavior. Healthy kittens are agile and quick, with perfect condition of skin and fur.

As a recommendation we would like to remind you that it is better to buy pets from renowned breeders who can guarantee a good health and pedigree of a kitten. Kitten’s price depends on its individual characteristics. For example, each fosterling in our cattery has a pet passport with parents and their awards specified in it.

The price for a kitten of Munchkin breed starts from 700 dollars (25 000 rubles). We suggest you get acquainted with our pets in this catalogue. You can have a personal contact with the kittens you like in our first in the world exclusive cat boutique in central Moscow with a view to order and buy truly YOUR pet.

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