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Our magnificient and delightful cats-breeders, elegant and graceful pussy-cats who will become careful mummies, still are growing up and are being brought up all by rules and standards of Murmulet Cattery.

Savannah F1 kittens are expected to appear in February 2015.

Meanwhile you can meet with future parents of your babies.

Savanna Avisavannahs Britah murmulet Serval Bosh murmulet

Brilliant Savannah is one of the most exuberant and exclusive breeds in our cattery. This majestic and the most graceful cat in the world will surely win your heart and become your faithful friend.

Before ordering and buying a kitten of Savannah breed you should think in advance where exactly in your house will you equip a personal area for a new member of your family as this is very important for Savannah. Take into account that it is more comfortable for it to live in a country house or a spacious city apartment. Choosing a kitten you should communicate with it in order to study its reactions and habits. Healthy pets are always active and friendly.

Kitten’s price depends on its personal characteristics, ancestral line: the generation they live among people. After all, it is very important to know that you’re buying an affectionate and healthy pet that will become a friend for your family. The price for a kitten of Savannah breed starts from 13 000 dollars (450 000 rubles). Our breeder-cats are kept in truly royal conditions and bring first-class progeny.

You can choose and order a kitten right on our web-site. You can have a personal contact with any kitten you like in first in the world exclusive cat boutique in central Moscow in order to buy truly YOUR pet, the best of the best! We are always happy to welcome our guests and ready to bring joy to your house!

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