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Queen of Cats 

Cattery Murmulet - Savannah F1

What does the word “luxury” mean for you? Not just a life style, but also a state of mind? Then we represent a delicate and graceful, smart and delightful, superb and splendid SAVANNAH cat that will blend into the most exquisite interior and perfectly complete your elite status.

Historical background

Breeders had a dream to develop a cat with an exotic appearance and fine lines, aristocratic luxury and splendor of the African Serval that would possess calmness and a temper of domestic cat. This work took American breeders 10 years! The result impressed a number of people: experienced breeders succeeded to develop a unique cat breed which is gentle, sociable, affectionate and friendly. The first kitten came to life in 1986 at leopard cat breeder – Judee Frank in Pennsylvania and it was named after wide open spaces of its historical homeland – Savannah. In 2001 the breed was officially recognized and registered by TICA association. Breeding of Savannahs is a challenging task. Pedigree Savannahs are produced by means of crossbreeding the Servals and domestic cats: the Oriental Shorthair, the Egyptian Maus or the leopard cat, moreover, future parents must grow up together. Delivered progeny is marked by F1 (50% of serval’s blood), second generation is marked by F2 (25%) and so on till F5. Many people are trying to crossbreed the Serval with domestic cat, but only few of them succeed, after all it is only a highly professional breeder who is capable of doing so. That is why today Savannah cat remains the most expensive, high-class and exclusive cat in the world. We guarantee the purity of the breed as we work only with high-class begetters – our pets are domesticated in 15th generation, they love people and live in harmony with them.

Physical features

Royal creature, queen of cats that possesses a noble point, calm majestic glance, long slender legs and big round ears. Savannah’s coat is short, bright, unusually thick and soft. This sublime cat is distinguished by a noble spotted coat with a rich color grade: from chocolate-brown to silver and ever cinnamon color. Savannah’s size depends on serval’s blood value – F1 and F2 generations reach 60 cm of size in withers, up to 15 kg of weight which is three times more than that of a common domestic cat, body length can reach up to 135 cm. Savannah’s appearance strikes by its fine lines, inborn allure, unbounded tenderness and single devotion.


The inventive, nimble and observing Savannah will feel at ease in your house and become a new member of your family since its first days. Coming back home from work you should be ready to meet Savannah sitting by the door. Savannahs full of vitality and energy – it gladly plays “fetch it” game with you, furthermore Savannahs fetch a ball just as well as a trained dog, and if you like to have some rest in peace – it will proudly retreat. Savannahs enjoy spending time with their masters or other pets with which they get on very well. Savannahs love water so do not deprive your pet from the pleasure of splashing in the swimming pool with you. Savannahs are sociable, the moment they see the guests they come out to great them showing their graceful walk just as any top-model striding on the podium. These cats are quiet, playful and affectionate. They really love children and they are easily attached to a master, whom they manage to fall in love with once and for all.

Handling and care 

Savannahs with all the royal attributes they possess do not demand specific handling – these beauties are very unpretentious, they feel at ease both in a country house and a spacious city apartment. It is enough to feed them regularly, give water and tenderly brush. You can use raw meet for nourishment, but do not limit the menu to meet only as Savannahs relish on dry vitamin food with pleasure. By getting the proper upbringing at Murmulet breeder kittens are already accustomed to cat litter box and tidy as the behavior norm is defined by genetics. In order for your pet not to mark territory in your apartment or house, it is recommended to castrate or sterilize kittens before they reach the puberty. The front paw claws are removed by laser in Svannah’s infancy which does not hamper their movements anyhow, but helps to avoid occasional scratching of an owner. Sure enough, your pet needs affection, tenderness and love. The Savannah has excellent health, usual domestic cat is far behind such a strong immunity, which is surely a guaranty of an active ageing. Average Savannah’s life span is 20 years. In order for your pet to be always healthy and joyful, you can walk it in the open air. Savannahs can be easily trained to walk on a leash just like a dog. Be sure that at seeing you with such an exotic pet outside passersby will admire it for quite a while.

Allow yourself to a company of this royal beauty – it will bring peace, harmony and comfort into your house and become a faithful friend for children and adults for many years.

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